• Comprehensive primary care provided by experienced nurse practitioners from pre-conception to end of life.
  • Specialized pediatric care 
  • Endocrinology: Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, male and female hormone replacement, thyroid disease, adrenal management, pituitary management 
  • Weight loss 
  • Autoimmune disease 
  • Sports Physicals 
  • Women’s health 
  • Testing for and treatment of Chronic EBV, lyme 
  • Covid prevention, covid active infection treatment and long-covid treatment



  • Sports, Agility, Quickness, off-season training 
  • Balance, mobility 
  • Toning 
  • Strength training 
  • Exercise with diabetes and other specified health conditions 
  • Personalized fitness plans



  • Nutritional evaluation 
  • Dietary modification recommendations with specialized testing for nutrient deficiency, gut health and allergies
  • Diet for Chronic EBV, Lyme, Hashimotos 
  • Ketogenic Diet for weight loss, diabetes, general health 
  • Low inflammatory diet for autoimmune disease


Pastoral Counseling:

We believe that there are spiritual roots to many health conditions and in order to truly heal we must allow God to heal us from the inside out. A ministry of TRANSFORMATION. Committed to work with you to find hope, self worth, and your divine design. Hope to free you from fear. To bring healing and restoration through the power and Truth of Jesus Christ. To be able to live a life of joy and peace with a renewed spirit and a transformed mind. To gain the tools to be victorious to conquer the journey of life.

Vitamin Therapy:

  • Vitamin B12 shots 
  • Vitamin D3 shots
  • Lipo-B shots

Coming soon IV Hydration/Vitamin infusions



  • Wellevate/Emerson Ecologics
  • FullScript
  • Byron White Formulas
  • Elderberry Power
  • Herbal teas developed by local herbalist


Specialized Testing:

  • Genova Diagnostics
  • Great Plains Laboratory
  • Medical Diagnostics Lab
  • Innovative Diagnostics Lab


LDN Prescriber:

  • Low-dose naltrexone for a variety of medical conditions
  • To further research the benefits and uses of this medicine please visit


FLCCC Affiliate:

Covid 19 Prophylaxis, Treatment and Post-infection with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine

Covid19 Long-haul Treatment

For many patients who have been affected by the Covid 19 infection, ongoing symptoms have become a part of life.  The British Medical Journal defines Covid “long-haulers” as those having symptoms up to 3 weeks post-onset of symptoms. They also define Chronic Covid as symptoms lasting at least 3 month post-onset of symptoms.  Many researchers and clinicians are involved in finding treatments for these ongoing symptoms.  We are grateful to be able to meet the needs of patients with long-haul and chronic covid.  By correctly testing the inflammatory markers using Incelldx and other important Covid labs we can use precision medicine to target the specific markers and symptoms and improve outcomes quicker and more effectively.


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